Welcome to the Alethes Legacy Family

Our family believes that no amount of success in business, can be offered as justification for failure in family life.  With us family comes first.

Here in the Alethes Legacy Family, our mission is to continually grow, wisely allocate, equitably share and responsibly manage the resources available to us in the process of developing Character & Competence in order to build an organisation that keeps on giving to present and future generations.

Character speaks about Integrity & Intent.

Integrity is when you have the courage to act in accordance with good values and beliefs.

Intent is the motives, agendas & resulting behavior flowing from our genuine care for our purpose for living, those we interact with, those we lead or those we serve.

Competence speaks about Capability & Results.

Capability is God’s grace & our talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge & style used to establish, grow, extend & restore those assigned to our lives.

Results are getting the right things done according to our purpose and vision & establishing a track record of God’s goodness in our lives.

Alethes Legacy Buzz

We all are in our deepest of desires, ready to be transformed to the different depictions of what we would have loved to be and would love to look like or love to belong to. Many a time the picture is clear and can be verbalized or explained but so are many still in the process, not clear and like an onion, need to be peeled, layer for layer to get to the ‘core’ of the beautiful heart, that is ready to bless and express love and function.